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Office Cleaning

Your priority is running your business. Our priority is to make sure you don’t see the build up it creates.

Office Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Vacuuming, mopping, steam cleaning. The basics of floor cleaning. Quality tools are used and an eye for detail is a given.


Proper dusting should remove the dust not just spread it around to other surfaces. Every room has many surfaces that are dusted with the proper tools.
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High traffic are also high touch areas. Doors, handles, banisters, computer keyboards and chairs are just a few of the things that should be cleaned regularly with proper disinfectant to remove germs.
office garbage disposal kelowna

Garbage Disposal

All garbage are emptied and inspected for spills or smells and cleaned when necessary.
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window Cleaning

If you are allready one of Reid works clients then you can also benefit by getting your windows cleaned by a professional.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are given a deep clean with proper disinfectant to kill germs and leave a fresh scent.

Get Your Space Cleaned. It’s simple and affordable

We ensure your building is cleaned and maintained on time every time and make sure all the details of the cleaning job are taken care of properly so you can focus on other things knowing we have things properly taken care of.

Reid Works


Of course it’s clean but preventative maintenance of your space is more than cleaning. It means having someone you trust to view your space with ownership. Any service you choose always comes along with your satisfaction guaranteed.